Job Overview

Responsibilities for Machine Operators

  • Operating Heavy Equipment.
  • Maintaining Machinery.
  • Keeping Work Areas Clean.
  • Filling Out Paperwork.
  • Conforming to Safety Regulations.

Qualifications and Skills for Machine Operators

  • Mechanical skills – Excavator operators need to have knowledge of how different types of machinery work, how to repair them, and how the different parts of the machine work together, so strong mechanical skills are important.
  • Flexibility – Excavator operators work irregular hours, so they need to be flexible to work odd shifts or throughout the night.
  • Time management – This job requires the ability to complete work projects in an efficient manner and to strict schedules, so applicants need to have good time management skills, and be organized.
  • Team work – Excavator operators work closely with other team members and construction workers, so they need to be professional, polite, and have strong interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities – When mechanical problems or functional issues arise, excavator operators need to be able to troubleshoot the issue and find a solution, so they need to be good problem-solvers.