At Power Construction Jr Inc., we are dedicated to providing the most effective cost-benefit electrical solution for the industrial, commercial, and solar industry.


We take great pride in our ability to identify and deliver the highest-quality to our industrial, commercial, and solar clients. We’re dedicated to maintaining strong communication lines with our clients and ensuring that they have the best solutions to fulfill their project needs.


The choice to focus our resources exclusively for the electrical industry allows us to understand our clients’ unique needs better, and connect them with quality personnel.


We are committed to providing a safe and professional working environment. To achieve this goal, our employees are trained continuously and are tested on electrical knowledge and construction safety practices. We make every effort to ensure that our work meets your company’s standards and deliver the best solution on the market.

Our Support

Providing excellent service is the cornerstone of what we do at Power Construction Jr Inc., and we believe that service should not end after the service concluded. We will continue to follow up to make sure that our work is meeting all of your standards and have been a valuable addition to your organization.

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by Power Construction JR, contact us, and we can assure you that we will solve the problem in the shortest possible time and with the least impact on your business.